Questionnaire Malfunction


Dear Dr. Bland,

Thank you for developing this informative website.

I took the self-diagnosis questionnaire as an anonymous user but it appears that my answers to the BCTQ-SS and BCTQ-FS portions were not saved and thus I was not given a prediction regarding my probability of CTS (see linked screenshots below).

One of my colleagues took the questionnaire on a different computer and encountered the same issue.

Are you able to reproduce or otherwise investigate this problem?

Thank you very much


I'll look into it tonight - it does seem rather unusual. JB


Hello again Dr. Bland,

I am writing to inquire whether you have been able to investigate the error I experienced with the questionnaire. I took the questionnaire again today and am still experiencing the same issue described previously.

Thank you very much.


I'm afraid not - it rather slipped my mind and the questionnaire appears to be working satisfactorily for other users. We are in the process of implementing the new prognostic algorithm for surgery so I'll look into it when we've done that - A first look suggests that you have left the diagnostic questionnaire half completed - so of course there is no final calculation possible.JB


Thank you very much for the follow-up and for your continued improvement of the survey. We will try using some different computers and browsers to see if that solves the problem.


Hello Dr. Bland,

Thank you again for your development of this website.

I just wanted to let you know that we did attempt the survey on various computers and web browsers and it still appears that the questions to the diagnostic portion of the questionnaire are not being saved, precluding the calculation for probability of CTS.

Additionally, if it is useful, we have used the questionnaire without signing in and we are located in the United States.


It remains the case that the account has a half finished questionnaire - all done up to the symptom severity section at the end. The odd thing it is that is is working OK for other users so it's hard to see what is different about your case. If you log back in to the CTS23 account and then go to the CTS questionnaire it should in theory take you back to the point at which you left it - can you do that and post a screen shot. I wondered if the cookie that is used to remember where you are in the questionnaire might have been blocked or become corrupted but if you have also tried running through it anonymously and it still doesn't work that would not really make sense.

The system allows me to pose as another user so that I can see how the site looks to you but in that view it seems to be behaving correctly. JB


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