Much of the treatment of CTS in East Kent has been suspended until we get over the epidemic but the CTS clinic is still running and able to see patients. We are making much more use of the wesite to gather information from patients rather than using paper. Please see the East Kent patient information page for more detail. JB


Hi dr bland, I’m sorry I can’t message on my name and can’t work out how to.
I’ve had my operation on carpal tunnel on my right hand and my hand is so much stronger, however the whole operation scared me so much that I’ve ignored the pain in my left wrist as I’m too scared to have that operated on, but I’m wearing splint every night and my hand is hurting more and feels very weak, is also hurting every time I change gear whilst driving.
Can I have injection in the left hand please


You have posted this in an unusual place and I dont think Dr Bland has spotted it here. We should see you again. Could you please update the severity score test whilst logged in to you account and let us know once you have done this. We will see your comment if you put it on the canterbury patients forum, or you can email one of us. Dr Blands email address is in the contacts section. I will copy this into an email to make sure you see it. EK

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