3 months on from my op



I have just had my three month check up by my dr who was a bit clueless as to what to look for. I made a note on the paper work but I'm not 100% when if they would have sent it.

I had the op in my right hand 8/3/14. I have to say the relief from my normal cts symptoms was pretty much instant, it was amazing. A bit freaky though having someone sitting there telling you the nerve looked very swollen, half of me wanted to look, the other half knew I would pass out in seconds! It was definetly not half as scary as I thought it was going to be.

However the scar still pulls and is sore and when this happens the top of my middle finger goes numb. Like my previous symptoms except my middle finger was the only one that didn't! The pain in the scar site isn't constant, I can have a week where it's fine then it will tighten up and start again.

Is this typical? Is there something else I should be doing to help it? It probably didn't get the best rest as week three after the op my husband had a stomach bug and was incapacitated for two weeks which left me doing everything for him and my one year old. So could this just be it healing really slowly?

Sorry for the questions?


Scar pain and tendernes is not 'typical' in the sense that most people get it, but it is quite common so not really unexpected. The tingling/numb finger in association might make you wonder whether a bit of the nerve is caught up in or stuck to the scar. Most of these symptoms do improve eventually but occasionally they can be a persistent problem, albeit usually a milder one than the original CTS. I'll look out for the 3 month follow-up qiestionnaire coming back in and we'll decide what to do when I see that. JB


I've now got the 3-month follow-up. Although the CTS symptoms are obviously much improved on the right I see that there are still mild symptoms from the left side which are perhaps showign a slight downhill trend overall since 2011. On balance I think it would be a good idea to see you again in a few weeks time to check the NCS and look at the ultrasound imaging so I'll send an appointment out. JB

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