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Stuart H

I wonder if a couple of other question should be asked in your Questionnaire?

I only recently had what I'd call disturbing symptoms of numbness in my hand waking me at night. This seemed to stem from a day of driving 600 miles into France wearing a Wristwatch with a rather tight strap on my right arm. I don't wear a Watch normally. I noticed it a few days later when I was cycling with it on, and the arm and hand tingled. Did I damage my CT? I'
don't know but there was a distinct strange feeling in the wrist area making me want to rub it. I've not worn it since.

The second thought is, that I have Prostate Cancer for which the drug Zoladex is used to control my Testosterone which I believe is likened to me being injected with Female hormones. This condition is not on your list and perhaps should be as Females I read on your site are more prone to CTS? Perhaps this is occupational.

I'm left handed and I've used my right hand daily on a Computer since 1984 and the old fashioned mouse caused my right arm shoulder pain if I tried to raise it, back in 1996 though I didn't seem to suffer from CTS.

Since then, using a Roller Ball has alleviated the shoulder pain. The occasional gripping of something small has caused my right hand to want to cramp up occasionally, but only since the Wrist Watch incident have I experienced my sleep being disturbed by hand numbness and perhaps a little less obvious numbness during the day..

I appreciate that there are other conditions which apply to Prostate medication but as my most recent PSA count was Zero, this has become a new issue for me to consult my Doctor about.
I completed your Q. with a 25% likelihood of CTS.

Kind regards
Stuart (Aged 69 - left handed)


Thankyou for the thoughts. I rather doubt if a question about wristwatches would be diagnostically useful, particularly as many people have now given up wearing them anyway. The zoladex question is more interesting and I have wondered about this myself. There has just been a new survey published of the incidence of CTS in women taking aromatase inhibitors for breast cancer and you are right that treatment of prostate cancer in men has some similarities. Adding new questions to the dataset at present is a major project so I may approach that issue slightly differently for while, dealing with it wholly within my own department unti we see whether it is likely to be a useful bit of information or not. Mouse use has not been studied enough - all the attention has gone on the wild goose chase after keyboards. JB

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