Carpal RX


I was given a nerve conduction test and was diagnosed with CTS a couple of years ago, my symptoms seem to come and go but recently have gotten worse so I am now considering surgery. In an attempt to avoid surgery, I have been researching other possible treatments. The two most promising seem to be the Carpal RX and the Carpal Tunnel Solution. Has anyone had experience with either of these, good or bad? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


There are no good quality scientific studies of these commercial devices, and others like them. I am afraid the only things that have clearly been shown to help are neutral angle wrist splints, steroids and surgery. Even many of the things that appear in the standard textbooks are lacking in good supporting evidence. The only thing that can be said for certain about these devices is that they will lighten your wallet and I generally recommend that such 'treatments' should only be tried either as part of a properly randomised controlled clinical trial, or else on a 'no cure no payment' basis. I've deleted the duplicate posting. JB

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