Attend clinic app?


Was referred by the doctor to the clinic, but i completed questionaire and scored 1.8. Do i still need to attend clinic with such a low score. Don't want to be a time waster!


In fact your highest probability score was 19%, the four numbers which are not given as percentages are measures of the subjective severity of your symptoms. It is the percentage scores which try to predict the likelihood that your symptoms are due to CTS. There is thus about a 1 in 5 chance that we will find evidence of CTS when we test you. At present we are still assessing how well the website performs in this respect so we do need to see some people with low scores to check that it is working in the way we expect it to, so your visit would certainly not be a waste from our point of view. However the chance that we will be able to offer you any treatment is not very good I am afraid.

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