Pins and needles


I have been waking up every morning for at least the past two weeks with pins and needles and numbness in my right hand. This has happened on and off over a long period of time but has been more persistent over the past fortnight. Ocassionally I have numbness in both hands. Symptoms are worse when I wake in the morning but can happen whilst driving , carrying shopping bags and in the middle of the night. This is not causing me pain as such ,do you think I should consult my GP or just wait to see if it improves again?


Your 36% score on the web questionnaire means that this could be CTS but is likely to be relatively mild. It's a high enough score to justfy testing it and trying to get a definite diagnosis if the symptoms are a nuisance. You could also just try self treating it with a splint - which is a pretty harmless experiment. JB

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