Steroid injections


Dear Dr Bland

I had my consultation with you on 7th April but my steroid injections could not be booked until 2nd June by Ashford. I am having them done at Wye, Will my operation have to be booked through Ashford and will I still be able to have it done at Herne Bay as I have heard good results of Herne Bay. Have just read your post about the changes that took place recently.

Kind regards


It is, as you can see from the information on the site here, a little complex at present, especially for Ashford patients. However the core of the Ashford CCG policy is that you have to be offered a choice regarding where you have surgery and in theory, who you see about all aspects of your CTS. My view is that patients should be offered as fully-informed a choice as is possible. In practice you can probably have surgery anywhere you like as long as you go through the right administrative hoops. JB

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