Returning symptoms

Michelle Duley

Dear Dr Bland

I had my injection on the 9th September 2013 and although I still suffered loss of feeling when hoovering (I blame the Dyson roller ball for that), I have had no problems until May. I have returned to wearing my splint at night for the last 2 weeks (It is not waking me through loss of feeling) due to pain and aching in my wrist and fingers throughout the day.
I notice mostly that I am not able to do certain exercise moves ie press ups at all now, hoovering is painful and I struggle to open jars etc, driving also can be painful even when I am trying not to grip.
As much as i understand an operation in inevitable, if at all possible i would prefer to have another injection?
Please could you let me know if this is possible and when i would be able to come in?

Many thanks



It's certainly possible to re-inject and surgery is not necessarily inevitable but those symptoms are not entirely classical CTS so we should probably have a look at you to make sure we are still dealing with the same thing. I will get an appointment sent out. JB


I've put an appointment letter in the post today.EK

Michelle Duley

Thank you, see you soon.

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