Surgeon appointment?


I last saw you six weeks ago, and was told by your practice nurse that I have to have the surgery and that a referral to the surgeon would be made. I was also told to inform you if I hadn't heard from the sureon within six weeks and that you would chase it up for me.

Well, it's been six weeks and I've not heard anything! Please could you chase it for me?

Many thanks.


We will check that the referral mas made its way through to the orthopaedic department and put a further message on here when we get an answer. JB


I have spoken to Patient Service Centre who have given me the details of the clinic you have been booked into. As it is an extra clinic they advise that you would have had a call about this as they would have needed to check the booking with you. I won't post the full details on here but will try to give you a call, we have a mobile number for you. The number here is 01227 783048 so please call if you dont hear from me. EK

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