Regards phone call 07-08-14


Hi Emma

Sorry about all the confusion going on whilst trying to talk to you today when you called I was at work and things were going mad!!! Sorry I got cut off from you.

Can I call you today or would you be able to call me after 4pm so I can talk properly.




Emma is having a day off today so is not at work. We will both be in on Monday morning. We can arrange lots of things through the website here as long as you don't mind talking in public. JB


I have just tried calling you and am happy to try again tomorrow, or you could call me on 01227 783048. As Dr Bland has mentionned we can arrange appointments through here if that is easier. If you would like your wrist injecting again I can arrange a time for you to come here or I can give you a number to book in with a health centre closer to home. EK

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