Followup on Splints


Started using splints every night after my appointment with you on 14th July. Stopped pins and needles in both hands,
but found middle finger on left hand very painful and stiff to use first thing in the morning. Also, after first night, clicking in thumb when rotated. A week ago noticed in both hands during the day that veins below the heel of the hand looked twisted and very prominent so stopped wearing splints for a few nights. Pins and needles sensation hasn't come back to left hand but did in right hand so am only wearing splint on that hand at the moment. Also, running down from the right thumb some tenderness in the wrist.
Gloria Wright


Well that response to splinting provides a bit more evidence that at least part of the problem is CTS, despite the normal nerve conduction results. It's hard to know what to make of the morning stiffness from an internet description - how long did it take to wear off each day? Likewise the clicking and the promient veins may not be anything very significant - just keeping the hand a bit warmer than usual will make the veins more prominent and lots of joints click at times without there being anything technically abnormal about them. If you are reasonably happy with the state of the hands at present then we won't do anything else. If and when you decide they are enough of a nuisance to require further treatment I think we will take another look at you. JB

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