Contined pain.



I haven't had any treatment/contact since February - I have read the information Jeremy posted but I'm not sure whether I need to go back to my doctor for another referral. I thought I would post an update to keep me in the loop.

I had the injection in February but it did not make too much difference, however at the time my symptons were slight. Since then, my pain has peaked and waned several times. At the moment it is moderate with pain when I wake in the morning but it does not usually wake me up in the night. Also I have numbness when I drive or hold anything for too long ie my bag, the phone etc. I feel the next step is an operation but I am tryng to delay this until my daughter is a little older and certainly out of nappies! Will it cause further damage if I delay?

Many thanks,


If it doesn't feel a lot worse then it probably isn't and you can probably delay surgery. If you want to be sure about how it is changing we can re-test it for you easily enough. JB

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