trigger finger


have had previous cts surgery on right hand - about two years ago, and still suffering from symptoms, the hospital think are caused by severe scar tissue. have had ultrasound treatment which helped. but also in a lot of pain in my thumb since op - had ultrasound treatment and now have external neural modulation when pain is severe. following this I have developed trigger finger in both hands - both mainly ring finger. Monday morning I had surgery to release on left hand, but my ring finger and little finger have not regained sensation! rang hospital to be told to go to gp to get it checked, gp wasn't sure what she was expected to do so phoned on call orthopaedic registrar who said if still same in two days to go to fracture clinic and wait to be seen. as two days is Saturday I will be waiting to Monday to attend. when should I start to worry about the lack of feeling?? I seem to be lost in a system where no one tells me anything and no one seems to know what to do! any suggestions would be gratefully received - I think I just want reassurance that its normal even tho I didn't experience this after my cts op. many thanks


I presume this recent surgery was a trigger digit release not carpal tunnel? Numbness of the ring and little fingers suggests problems with the ulnar nerve and it should be looked into if it does not resolve in a few days. Sorry to hear about the CTS on the other side - is it overall worse or better than it was before surgery? JB

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