thoracic outlet syndrome


Came back in for tests today as requested my dr nicolson as he thinks i may have thoracic outlet syndrome. Don't know if your know much about this condition but I don't either. The lady that carried out the tests said that you are going to refer me back to orthopaedics? Is this for the thoracic outlet syndrome.

Vicky bookless


It's not so much a case of me referring you back to orthopaedics as that you are an orthopaedic patient anyway - the most recent request came from Mr Smith's team so I am expecting them to see you again anyway. It is relatively unlikely that you have thoracic outlet syndrome as well, though not impossible. We haven't looked for it specifically yet but usually you start with a plain neck x-ray looking for an obvious cervical rib or for long tranverse processes to the C7 vertebra - which can be a clue to the presence of a fibrous band rather than a bony rib. After that we might think about doing further nerve conduction studies. JB


Thank you for your reply

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