Cts appointment next wk


Hi, I have been having symptoms at night but mainly when riding my motorbike, the right hand goes numb especially and I have to stop or when I can dangle my hand down. But for the last two wks I have been having Physio recommended by my Gp. I have had massage and ultrasound on both wrists plus wearing a splint on my right wrist and the symptoms have improved a lot. I have an appointment next Tuesday, this will be my third over the last 12 years. The previous 2 I think I was told I had mild CTS. My point is, is it worth coming in for my appointment if the symptoms have improved.
Thanks very much
Hilary P


I believe that since posting on the forum you have contacted our department by phone. One of the administrators has cancelled your appointment at your request. Do let us know in the future if your symptoms return. EK


It does sound like mild, intermittent CTS. It's not that unusual for a patient to have these episodes spread over several years without ever developing progressive nerve impairment. If you recognise the current episode as being similar to the previous ones and symptoms have now settled again there is no particular need to get it re-tested - though I am curious as to whether ultrasound really makesa difference and we are running a trial at present. You can contact us directly next time it happens. JB

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