Carpal tunnel and tennis elbow surgery


Hi, I had carpal tunnel and tennis elbow surgery done on my left arm 3 weeks ago. 13 days after the surgery my index finger was very cold, swollen and stiff and I had no feeling on that finger, part of the middle, inner part on my thumb and part of my palm. I'm in constant pain (squeezing, pricking, pinching, stabbing, burning sensation). I haven't had therapy yet so my fingers, hand n elbow are getting stiff (atrophy is setting in), I do the best I can by moving, stretching and ROM but it hurts so much. (My therapy appt is this Wednesday). I've gone to the ER and was released, I was told they couldn't do anything for me and that I had to see my surgeon which I did and all he says is that I still have a lot of swelling. All they give me is meds, I was given pain killers, anti-inflammatory, steroids, and Lyrica. I'm worried and concerned that I might have nerve damaged. Can someone please help and tell me if this is normal or not.




This really needs nerve conduction studies to compare with those (hopefully) done before surgery. If it's feeling worse overall now at 3 weeks post-op that is the right time to start organising these investigations. JB

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