Index Finger Pulley


Hi i was recently referred by my Doctor for carpal tunnel syndrome, had pain for a few years now and ignored as it came and went, but has now started to get worse that i dropped an instrument on a patient, i was a dental nurse, i get all the pins and needles, weakness in the whole of my right hand, arm, and right up to my shoulder, lower hand section of thumb pain, but what i find most surprising is that i can pull my index finger down by pressing on my arm near the wrist, there is a hard boney tendon line to the right of my wrist could be the median nerve, when this is pressed my index finger curls over without me having any control, it doesn't do this on my right hand, anyone else? i also get a deformed index finger when i use my hand to much or painting using my wrist, and it locks pulled forward causing me agony, and have to massage it carefully until it relaxes and releases my finger, my appointment is 3 weeks away, so hopefully i can get some advice here.


That's a tendon you are manipulating, not the nerve. It's hard to tell whether there is anything really wrong with it without being able to examine the wrist so I would wait for some investigations and an expert opinion from someone who can see the hand. JB

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