surgery to left hand


I have now undergone surgery to release tension on carpel tunnel nerves on 25th October - it has been 2 weeks since the op
and my stiches came out last Thursday. I have a fully functioning hand now and the scar is healing really well, using bio-oil to soften the area and help the healing process, there has been some change to my symptoms however I don't expect my fingers and thumb to be completely free of numbness or tingling. Dr Rine suggested several months before the hand recovers and settles down. I have quite a weak wrist not surprisingly as my hand has been out of action for 10 days! I was nervous and apprehensive about having this op but I would recommend that you have it done, before your symptoms become to severe.
R. Neal


It was grade 5 before surgery so it may take a while for symptoms to improve to their final state. The weakness of grip is not just a few days without using the hand. It is sometimes a mechanical consequence of the operation. JB

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