Capsaicin cream


I had both hands operated during 2013. After the operations I never seemed to recover from pain in both hands and the swollen hands (which were also present before the operation). I then noticed nodules appearing on both my palms, together with swelling and pain in both hands/palms.

After a visit to the Rheumatologist in Jan 2013, I have finally been diagnosed (Nov 14) with Dupuytrens in the left hand and trigger finger in the right. I am also going to have ultrasounds of my feet, as they too are causing problems with pain.

My question is: Do you think that having carpal tunnel operations can trigger both dupuytrens disease and trigger finger? Fortunately steriod injections into the nodes/trigger finger have help with the pain in both palms (which used to wake me up nightly and after I woke up in the morning with a painful 'buzzing' pain in the nodes).

Incidentally, I requested and was prescribed Capsaicin cream from the Rheumatologist in Nov. I have been using this for several weeks now and believe this has helped with the pain in both palms (around the nodules). Would this help people with CTS, when the pain occurs at night?


There is a whole page of this site devoted to the relationship between CTS, trigger digit and Dupuytrens. Capsaicin cream is quite widely used in pain clinics as one of many treatments used for intractable pain but all of the pain clinic type treatments are pretty much last resort. I'm not aware of anyone having tried it out as a primary treatment for CTS - generally a splint works pretty well for mild night-time symptoms and people needing more than that tend to go to steroids or surgery. JB

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