Need Advice for Mother

Mrs G. Stacey

Please can you advise me - my mother saw you last year and following this had bilateral steroid injections locally. These helped with the pain which is now minimal. Recently, however, she has been experiencing paraesthesia in her fingers and loss of dexterity. I would appreciate your opinion as to the next course of action if possible bearing in mind that she is 92 and not very mobile.

Thank you - Chris Pryce (Mrs)


After a year's gap I would prefer to test again and see what we are dealing with. JB


I have booked an appointment for mid January and put a letter with the details in the post today. We don't seem to have received any details of the injections given last year or the 6 week follow up to these. If you have any of this information it would be helpful if it could be brought to the appointment. Thank you, EK

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