Questionnaire Completely Frustrating


After reading that your questionnaire would self score.. I spent precious time filling it out only to get to a demand to log in to your commercial interests. I still haven't been able to get the results. But they seem less valid to me now that I see how you do business.


I have no commercial interests and the site is provided as a public service. There is a full declaration in the page About The questionnaire is implemented in such a way that you can complete it and get a score without creating a user account on the site but if done completely anonymously in that way there is then no way of going back to that record and adding to it - it just becomes a truly anonymous set of answers stored in the underlying SQL dayabase which can never be connected to any other data because it has no 'identity' attached to it. If the facility to complete the questionnaire anonymously has been broken by the recent update to the site then that is a bug and I need to know about it so that I can get it fixed.

The site does use cookies and will not work properly for you if you do not allow it to do this.

Finally, use of the forums here has had to be restricted to people who register with the site and verify an email address purely as a defensive measure against the antisocial elements of the internet community who would use the forums as an advertising opportunity for dubious mechandise. This is sad but necessary.JB

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