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H Mowery

I had CTS in both hands years ago. Being in several physically demanding jobs, as far as my hands are concerned, I have had residual pain and weakness in my hands, trigger fingers in two fingers and weak achy wrists that crack upon movement since the surgery. When I am active, I am just a bit achy, but as soon as I am just relaxing, my hands swell and I wake up numb up to my elbows. I am always aware of my hands which is more than annoying. Just wondering if anyone else has this kind of stuff going on after a corrective surgery. I definitely don't have the strength I used to have either. Most of the trouble starts with the wrists.


A lot of that is not uncommon after surgery which often does not produce 'complete cure' - remember that the operation effectively destroys a significant structural part of the wrist so it is is to be expected that there will be some consequences. However waking with numbness is one of the things that the operation is supposed to get rid of so if you are still getting that one would wonder whether the thing was done right. The best way to check for successful surgery is to look at the change in before and after nerve conduction studies.

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