My first injection

Diane eageling

Its now been 4 days since my first visit to your surgery and receiving the injection in my left wrist. I have now had 4 complete days and nights of (relative) pain free living and I wish I had been more insistent at my local GP's earlier. I can't believe that I put up with the pain for so long when one visit to your clinic (and injection) has made so much difference. I still have some discomfort down the side of my little finger as before but the pins and needles/numbness has gone completely. I realize its still early days and there is no indication how long this respite will last but I am grateful to be getting undisturbed sleep at last. Thank you.


Thankyou for taking the trouble to let us know how it's doing. We'll be in touch at 6 weeks and after that it's just a matter waiting to see how long it lasts. I've just seen a lady who was injected 15 years ago and remain symptom free until 2014 so you do get some very good results. JB

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