reoccuring carpal


Dear Dr Bland

I had a second injection in my right wrist back in Feb 2014, this has been very successful until last week where by my fingers an thumb and been tingling nearly all day on and off. my wrist has felt tight and swollen ( felt the need to massage it ) and my thumb has felt almost painful and numb ( strange sensation ). I wondered if possible could I have another injection in my right wrist? many thanks Sharon
please can you reply to the following email and update my details to use this email. peall242 [at] gmail [dot] com


I have the injection down as being on 8th April 2014. You are one of an interesting group of people with a poor response to a first injection but a much better one to a second. After 9 months I think we ought to see you again really so I'll send out an appointment and, if appropriate, we can inject it when we see you. I think your registration(s) on the website have got a bit involved too so I'll sort that out later tonight and then email you. JB

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