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Richard Arnold

Feedback after assessment and non surgical treatment on 5th January 2015
Patient, Richard Arnold
Background for those unfamiliar with my symptoms.
For perhaps 2 months I have experienced pins and needles radiating up my right arm when my arm was at rest or at least not doing anything requiring major muscular effort. Specifics causing real discomfort enough for you to stop wanting to be in that position are:- Driving (with arms slightly bent holding the steering wheel loosely), reading a newspaper or a book and over the holiday period sitting at a dining room table with my arm a right angles simply trying to play cards or similar board games.
After being referred by my GP who suspected CTS and carrying out various tests I went to the CTS clinic at K&C hospital.
The nerve impulse test was duly carried out and I was considered to have CTS in both hands although the score of the tests was level 2 on my left wrist and level 1 on my right. Strangely I experience no symptoms with my left hand. All of my discomfort that varies in severity is my right hand and arm.
After the tests were carried out I spoke with Dr Bland and Emma. They were most helpful trying further nerve impulse tests further up the arm to eliminate the possibility that the discomfort was coming from nerves (I believe) in my shoulder or the neck.
Nothing was evident from the further testing but I was offered and had a steroid injection in the wrist and given a splint to wear at night.
I am pleased to say as a result of the treatment the symptoms I was experiencing have eased a little. The severity of discomfort is similar although the frequency has lessened. I’m hoping things will improve further so I can report back at 6 weeks post injection that things have settled.

Sincere Thanks Richard


Thanks for the feedback Richard. I'm happy to hear that it is at least a little better. It remains possible that there may be a bit more to this than just CTS but we will review it at 6 weeks post injection. JB

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