Right Carpal Tunnel Injection


Today I have had my right carpal tunnel injection by my GP, we are hopeful that it works like the left one did in May.
My GP said that you may find that the left one might start to play up after a couple of months. So we have decided to wait and see what the outcome is on both hands. If symptoms come back he said he may re inject both hands. But he may refer me back to surgeon. Mark


Sounds good so far. I would be a little careful with using many repeat injections. Surgeons tend to be very opposed to this. I am a bit more open to the idea but I think it needs to be carefully monitored as it is not a 'conventional' treatment - indeed there are guidelines from the European Societies for Hand Surgery which suggest a limit of no more than three injections per hand so going over this is contravening a published expert guideline. JB

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