scar tissue


Dear Dr Bland,
One year after my carpal tunnel operations, one wrist in June second in August. I am now feeling some tingling in fingers and dull pains in wrists. Could it be scar tissue and if so could physiotherapy help? Also is it best to rest my wrists or keep them working hard? The have had a lot of work lately in the garden.
I look forward to hearing your advice please.


That's odd - those dates don't match my records which show a test in November 14 at which point only the right side had been operated. We do see occasional examples of recurrence after successful surgery but most of them are a long time after the operation (10-20 years) so problems developing at less than a year are a bit odd - one would have to consider other possible diagnoses too I think. Apart from routine clinical examination, which may well not reveal anything obvious, I think one would probably start by looking at the nerve conduction studies again to see how they compare with the pre-operative ones. While trying to reach a diagnosis I would be inclined to lay off very strenuous work with the hands/wrists. JB

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