Hello..I'm new to this site and I'm just looking to see if anyone else has had the same symptoms as I have. .I am waiting to have a new version conduction test but that won't be for another couple of months. .
These are my sympims:
Right hand dominant so I could see why this could happen.
Pain or burning on inside of wrist (like where your fingers would go to check your pulse)
Pain in thumb
Pain and fullness in forearm that sometimes radiates up to shoulder
Tingling in fingers not pinky
Dry skin on ring finger. .
These feelings come and go..not a constant. .but enough to make me miserable as my job is data entry. .so I'm on the computer my entire work day.
Thank you for any advice u may have..


That could be CTS. Run through the questionnaire and see what you score. JB


I did the question aire and didn't find it to ask the questions of the symptoms I was feeling..
Oh well. I guess I will wait until my test..
Thank u. .


Hi there,

I can't comment on CTS but wanted to offer advice on computer usage, since I have similar problems and have to use the computer all day.

- Consider purchasing an ergonomic keyboard.

- Switch the hands you use your mouse with (called load-sharing).

- Consider voice dictation software (can be great for some things, not so good for excel/data entry)

- Focus on using the computer with minimal energy input. Most people hit the keys way harder then they need to. Focus on relieving tension not just in hands but also wrists, forearms, shoulders, and back while typing.

- Set a timer every thirty minutes and take 5 minute break-- get up and walk around, rest your hands, stretch your body

These may not solve your issues, but they should help with overall pain. Good luck -- you're not alone!


I see that came out as 10% which makes it fairly unlikely that you have CTS in fact. It will be interesting to see if there does turn out to be any evidence of that when you are tested if you don't mind letting me know. The questionnaire does not ask about things which are not usually features of CTS of course. JB


That advice is good for people who have symptoms clearly aggravated by typing but it's probably worth noting that most people with that symptom pattern probably do not have CTS as their major problem. JB

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