what does the score mean?


Just registered and completed the diagnostic questionnaire. Have a 58% likelihood of CTS but the ring finger on my right hand continues to point at me in denial of that percentage. But it agrees with St George's test result "no evidence of a carpal tunnel lesion". But it walks like a duck. Perhaps I am the first sufferer from Non-CTSCTS. What do I do next?


Looked at the other way round about 4 out 10 people with a story like yours turn out to have no evidence of CTS on testing so it's not that unusual. Looking at the answers you have only a few features that might be CTS and some of the cardinal symptoms that might point you to that diagnosis are missing such as nocturnal waking with tingling hands, response to splinting or a family history. Can you elaborate on the comment about the ring finger? It's always worth bearing in mind the false negative (and false positive) rate of nerve conduction studies which are probably both at least 5%, depending on the methods used. In cases of doubt a therapeutic trial is often a good tactic, though I don't approve of trial by surgery.

I'll move this thread to the carpal tunnel topic in a day or two as it really belongs there, not in the website forum. JB

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