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Good morning,
Following my nerve conduction test, I have decided to go ahead with the operation on my right wrist. I have been in contact with my Private insurance to arrange my operation. Before I can have a pre op consultation, they need to know the speciality of the Consultant doing the operation so they can direct me to the relevant person.
Many thanks in advance


Carpal tunnel surgery is done by a variety of different specialities including orthopaedic surgeons, hand surgeons, plastic surgeons, neurosurgeons, general surgeons and GP surgeons as well as being performed by some non-medical practitioners in a few areas. it is probably more important to find a surgeon who does a lot of the procedure than to find one of a particular speciality. In the private sector who you end up with may depend to some extent on the terms of your insurance policy, some will allow you a pretty free choice of who you consult - others will restrict who you can see, usually on price grounds rather than quality ones I suspect. I know of several people in the Kent area who are demonstrably good at carpal tunnel surgery, some of whom I can arrange surgery with thrugh the NHS and some of whom do private work (the two groups do not exactly overlap). I can give you the names of the people I know though I would prefer not to do this in the public forum here as that might be considered public advertising so I will email you. Of course there will be many other surgeons who are just as good who I do not know. The challenge is how to identify them as in most fields surgeons do not publish detailed outcome measures for their work. JB

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