swollen index finger


in may 2011 i was diagnosed with CTS.
i have been given wrist splint wore it for over month and the result was really good.2 months ago i've got my symptons back i started wearing the wrist splint over night again but week ago i started haing pain in my index index on my right hand .Few days after it got swollen and really painfull to touch.It's already week and now i have problem to bend my finger .Does it has something to do with my CTS as i havent been woke up with pain for a few weeks and the numbness has improved too.Do you think i will need the injestions or i heard about some physio for CTS .
Thank you JB


The single swollen finger sounds very unlike CTS and could be a variety of disorders including gout, infection in a joint or other structure, acute arthritic change in a joint and almost certainly other possibilities. I would get it looked at by a doctor fairly soon. A general practitioner should be able to make a start with it. JB


thank you,will contact my GP monday morning JB

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