Odd password problem


I just registered for the site. I use passkey to auto store my passwords

I authenticated my e-mail but then couldn't log on as it wouldn't recognise my password. Even when I tried manually typing it over the auto saved value.

So I changed the password to a more complex one and that one is working fine

I suspect you have a criteria when validating user ID and password that is expecting the password to be a particular length or structure (eg numbers and characters) which is not checked when someone creates their initial password.

It's fixed for me now by using the more complex password but thought I'd pass that along as it's not the first website I've come across this


Thankyou . I'll look into that with the website programmers. As far as I am aware we do not have tight password restrictions. If you can let me know the password which was not accepted that would help but if it's one you use with other sites don't worry about it. JB

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