Double open cts release


I am scheduled for cts release on both hands at the same time. I was wondering if anybody here has done both at once? I live alone but I have relative's close by to help if needed. Will it be hard to do simple things like make food, laundry, ect. Just wondering if anobody has gone through it and what to expect. I am also so wondering if there are things I can do to prepare and make the first few post-op weeks easier? Any input is apprectiated


Not many surgeons operate on both sides simultaneously but a few do. I know of one paper which compared patient satisfaction in patients who had simultaneous bilateral surgery with that in patients who had sequential surgery and the simultaneous group were just as happy, if not happier, but I also know of a few patients who ended up with bilateral bad results and there is no denying that, at least with the traditional operation, it is a bit disabling for a few days having both hands out of action. If all goes well you will only need serious help for things like dressing/eating/toilet for a couple of days. A lot depends on what sort of dressing the surgeon uses so you should ask what to expect. JB

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