Have I now developed Dupuytrens


Hi Jeremy.

Well I have receoved well from both the left and right CTS operations and the pins and needles are virtually non existant, unless I sleep funny. The strange thing I now have is a lump come up in the palm of my left hand which is about 1&1/2inchs below my middle finger and wondered if its the start of Dupuytrens as I have read that these are common after CT surgery and to make matters worse I have also been diagnosed with osteorthitis in both my hands...it never rains when it can pour does it.

Look forward to your thoughts.



A lump there could be lots of things including Dupuytren's, trigger digits, ganglion cysts, lipomas, fibromas and occasionally lumps related to arthritic change - not really possible to figure it out online I think. Some will be obvious from examination and your GP may recognise it. If it's more convenient you can also drop in and let me look at it - but I'm very much a carpal tunnel person, not a generalist, nor a hand surgeon, nor even a GP. We all have our own 'toolkit' of skills and experience and I'm not always the best person to opine on lumps, but I don't mind taking a look. JB

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