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Willaim Graham

In the section describing the number of figures and thumb affected by pain etc. There was no box to tick regarding my condition. My thumb and three fingures suffer but there was place to indicate this condition. Other configurations were suggested but not this one. I was advise to tick others but was not allowed to describe my condition


Use the one which is closest to the symptoms you experience is the instruction I think. In your case that would probably be a) thumb, index, middle. The options provided are the ones most commonly described by patients referred to my clinic, with the addition of 'other' as option f) to cover those people with very unusual symptom distributions which are not particularly associated with peripheral nerve problems. People who tick 'other' tend, on the whole, not to have CTS. To be really anatomically correct CTS should in theory affect the thumb, index and middle fingers, and just the side of the ring finger adjacent to the middle finger, sparing the half of the ring finger adjacent to the little finger. However such fine detail is a bit too complicated for a multiple choice question and in any case relatively few patients actually observe this until it is pointed out to them. JB

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