Request an appointment. History of 6 months with CTS

John Elliott

You asked me to make an appointment 3 months after my appointment in Dec 2015. I am available most days but not alternate Weds and Thurs.
My History: After GP diagnosis of CTS in my left hand I was diligent about wearing a splint day and night. However, my very mild symptoms remained the same. To me it was just tingling/numbness in my left hand and a mild inconvenience. I was surprised at the Dec appointment to have a nerve conduction severity of 4 (1 good, 6 bad). I should add a note of thanks to the staff that I met that day; they must see dozens of similar people every week but maintained a caring, attentive and professional demeanour. I was given a new splint. However, because a couple of years ago I had had a sticky nerve exiting my spine causing backache, and physiotherapy had cured that, I thought it would do no harm to try a similar approach with my wrist. I have not worn the splint at all. I have tried routine, wrist exercises and, until a couple of weeks ago, the symptoms were neither no better nor no worse. Recently, I have tried stiffening my straight fingers and flexing my wrist to a right angle. I can make my nerves tingle significantly but it is not a pain. There have been occasions when the tingling has been much less severe. It might be my optimistic imagination, but could the trapped nerve be occasionally/partially releasing itself? I would be happy to discuss at the appointment.


It's certainly not unknown for CTS to improve spontaneously so it's always hard to know if whatever an individual patient has done has really made any difference. We'll probably schedule a re-test for a Monday or Tuesday and I'm booking about 4 weeks ahead at present - I'll fix something when I'm in the office tomorrow. JB

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