Are my symptoms CTS linked?


Presently I'm encountering deadness and shivering in the same hand, a shortcoming in the hands bringing about the successive dropping of things or perceived swelling while moving the arm. The symptoms are usually worse at night. I first thought I'd broken a hand bone when it began. I'm not having that now. The shivering is consistent yet the vibe of deadness isn't. Are my indications CTS connected? Will physiotherapy treatment help for this? It would be ideal if you share your recommendation or advice.


I find it a little suspect that two individuals have inserted a link to the same American physiotherpahy clinic into messages here within a few days and I have removed the links as being too close to advertising for comfort. The best guide to whether the symptoms are likely to be CTS is to run through the symptom questionnaire on the website here and look at the percentage score. If it is CTS then there is no quality evidence that any kind of physiotherapy helps I'm afraid. JB

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