Effect of recent steroid injection

John Elliott

Dear Dr Bland. I had a second steroid injection 2 days ago. (Previous injection was on 12 April 2016). You asked me to report effects, if any, of the injection. There have been no adverse effects, including no pain either during the injection or since. Whereas the 12 April injection gave a 20% improvement in numbness after 48 hours, and that level stayed the same until my appointment on 24 May, the injection on 24 May produced no noticeable change. I shall continue to wear the splint until my next appointment in 6 or so weeks. I shall continue to maintain a diary of pain (there is none) and numbness. Regards.


Thanks for the feedback. There aren't many people who take the trouble to give me this sort of information and thi is a particularly unusual situation so we will see how it develops over the next week or two. JB

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