Carpol Trial


Good afternoon, I'm contacting you in regards of Mrs Hand Who attended your clinic on 3rd June.
After careful consideration she has decided to decline the offer of the trial offered due to the distance and cost involved.
Mrs Hand has decided to opt for the session of injections at the QEQM hospital Margate.
We look forward to receiving appointment details.
Kind regards.
Mrs Linda Summers
On behalf of Mrs Renee Hand.


We can arrange injection if it is not responding to a splint alone but not at QEQM. Injections can be performed in a small range of general practices and in my clinic in Canterbury. I'll send out written instructions on how to arrange an injection but tomorrow but essentially all she needs to do is call 0300 123 4419 and tell the staff there that she needs a carpal tunnel injection. JB


Thank you for the information and your time,very much appreciated. Linda Summers

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