Love my splints


Dear Mr Bland,
Want to give you feedback after my first visit to your clinic.
I visited you first time 6 weeks ago, my severity score on both hands was 1.45
My symptoms had been tingling and numbness in various areas of both hands, to similar extent, and mostly appearing right after waking up, and getting better with movement, but always getting worse again when holding on tight to car steering wheel, bicycle handle bars, phone, hair drier etc.
It has been real pleasure to wear the splints, right from first night they have greatly helped, i have not been waking up with those symptoms. My hands do not feel very strong, but I am rather able to carry on with normal life.
I did some garden work using secateurs the other day and developed rather bad pain in different parts of my 2 hands which was unpleasant but seemed to have gone in 48 hours.
At present I am happy that it has not got worse.
On the other hand, I have a tendency to believe that most ailments probably have a psychosomatic reason behind and I am trying to work out that reason for myself and yes I seem to know why at this period of my life, I developed symptoms on my hands - instead of lets say my legs or head or just being healthy. So I am trying to deal with that at the moment, as I think ailments always try to show us something that we may otherwise find hard to see.
Yes I love the splints as overall right now they are making me feel much much better.
Thank you for your positive attitude when I visited you.


Glad they are helping. Whenever you decide that they are not controlling symptoms adequately just get in touch and we will decide what to do next. JB


Thank you very much for your fast reply. I definitely will.

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