Having tests today



I'm coming for tests today but I have a strong suspicion that my problems are to do with my spine and not CTS.

I have scoliosis of the spine (s curve) and at night both arms go completly numb, including my little finger. During the day my right hand is colder than the left and this hand is very weak and the one that gives me pain. If I type for too long my fingers get painful, curl up and go stiff. I also suffer from twitching/muscle spasms which hand led to objects flying out of my hands.

Can problems with the cervical spine C7 - T1 present similar problems to CTS? Also, as I take painkillers for my chronic lower back pain, would this affect how I perceive pain in other areas of my body?

I doubt if you will see this before you see me as I will be in clinic at 12 noon. I'm just a little nervous about getting negative results and my symptoms remaining a mystery.

K Snell


It does sound very unlikely to be carpal tunnel syndrome but is probably worth testing anyway. Symptoms arising from the neck can be very similar to CTS and as both conditions are very common some patients have both. JB


Thanks for your reply and also for talking to me after the tests showed no CTS. Hopefully, with CTS ruled out this will help my doctor consider other causes of my problems.

Many thanks


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