Looking for people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for paid market research



I am working for a Market Research company and we are looking for participants to take part in a remote research session.

Do you only use's the keyboard or a switch when using a computer, i.e not the mouse (this maybe due to Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel) it is for some Market Research- taking place on Friday 1st July, Monday 4th July and Tuesday 5th July. Paying £60.00 for an hour. As it is for a remote session - it can be done from home

If you can take part, please call Sarah Pitts at Bunnyfoot 07828 105436


Can you please contact me and provide some evidence that this is a legitimate request - principally I would like to know who is behind this and what they are hoping to learn. I will then decide whether to let this appeal stay on the forum here or not - I do not allow this site to be used for what I consider 'commercial' purposes but this request looks as though it might inhabit rather borderline territory. You can email me with the details (see contacts) rather than placing them in public here.

EDIT - thankyou for letting me know the details. I'm happy for this appeal to remain on the site and hopefully a few people will respond.


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