follow up treatment

Chris Banham

Good Evening,
i would like to request a follow up appointment.
I was given splints following an appointment on 4th May for a diagnosis of cts in both hands, more on the right. the splints have helped when sleeping but, i think i need the next step of the treatment process as I'm still suffering the same problems during day to day activities and I have noticed a significant lack of strength in my right forearm.
I believe steroid injections were the next step.
I have tried using over the counter anti inflammatory drugs but after 2 or 3 days use these affect my stomach.
Thank you
Chris Banham


As it was pretty mild it probably would be wise to try injection next. Emma will be in touch to arrange a suitable appointment. JB


Would Wednesday or Thursday afternoons be any good for you? I am here Monday to Thursday and could do other times if easier for you but those are the quieter times this week. EK

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