Referral question

Joanne Brereton

Dear Dr Bland I was advised to contact you via this forum by my rheumatology nurse specialist - Jackie Smith. I am suffering severly from carpal tunnel bilaterally. I have nerve conduction tests with the results registering 5 in the left 3/4 in the right. My GP has referred me to the Carpal Tunnel service but I have not yet heard anything. I work in the hospital trust in the Vascular Dept as as Nurse Specialist. I am struggling to maintain full clinical activity due to the pain in my times my fingers are numb so finding and palpating distal pulses is proving a little tricky! Could I ask if you would be able to tell me where I am in the referral process or indeed if you have received the referral!!  I hope you don't mind me contacting you on this forum. I look forward to hearing from you Joanne


No problem with using the forum. So far as I can see the last record I have for you is the referral from Dr Mari leading to the tests done in May. SInce then I don't think we have heard anything. I would be happy to try and treat your CTS if your GP wants me to. In the circumstances I woud be happy with just a phone call as a referral if they want to do it that way. I've edited your personal details out of your website posting as it's a bit public for those here. JB

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