Injection update


Hello Dr Bland!

I had my injection in my right hand, 23 May.... It took the discomfort and numbness away, however this has started to return over the last week. This coincided with me doing DIY. I have started to sleep in my splint again, however I is not getting rid of the pain in my fingers or numbness during the night. Is there anything else I can do?



I think we decided that if it showed a good, but temporary, response to injection we would consider surgery, though I had some doubts as to whether CTS was the whole story in this case. Symptoms were fairly symetrical between the two hands back in May, just slightly worse on the right - is this still the same now or is there a bigger difference between the hands? We only injected the right one in May I think. Did we ever manage to track down better records of the earlier left hand injection given in general practice? JB

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