I have mild Carpal Tunnel, in my right hand (my most used hand).
As a baker, my job is very "hands on". When I have been working a long hours, my hand gets worse at night and having to sleep with the brace, but other days Im fine.
My question is, I really fancy doing Rock climbing again, but will this make my symptoms worse or could it improve my hand?
Have anyone got any experience, they would help share?
Thank you for taking time reading.


Climbing is likely to aggravate the symptoms in the same that work does but it's less clear whether any form of activity actually makes the condition worse in physiological terms, as opposed to just bringing out the symptoms. The very intermittent, but also very strenuous, use of the hands in climbing (I used to climb so I understand this fsirly well) is probably less of a problem for CTS than more sustained/repetitive/continuous activity so I would not let CTS stop me doing some more climbing. JB

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