GP referral


Hi, I had a test on both of my hands in August 2016 and was diagnosed as 4 in both left and right hands. My GP only requested the test at the time. I have since seen GP and have been given splints. I also had steroid injection in my right hand but only felt relief for a month or so. I have saw GP in December and have been referred back to your clinic. Can you please advise me the current wait time.

I am on Matrifen patches for back problems which does help with the pain, however both of my hands are now tingling all the time and I have finding it difficult to do most daily tasks. Any short time suggestions appreciated please. Mechele


I think I have seen the letter from your GP about this already and we should be able to fit you in during January. I do rather wish that, if GPs want me to treat CTS in their patients, they would let me get on with it from the start and not queer the pitch by giving injections themselves - usually without bothering to document for me the steroid and dose used, nor fomrally measuring the response. For grade 4 it is quite likely that we will opt for surgery but we will need to discuss it and as sevral months have passed I'm going to test your hands again to make sure that the situation has not changed. JB

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