How do I get referred back for another assessment?

emma andrews

My CT is getting worse and I am interested in having the operation to ease the symptoms. (I don't want to have the injections.) The symptoms are massively interfering with my sleep, and this is now having a detrimental effect on my work. I have tolerated the symptoms for quite some time (because I am terrified of needles/hospital procedures) however am now at the point where I am desperate for something to be done. How do I go about getting referred back for another assessment?
Many thinks for taking the time to read this.
Kind regards, Emma Andrews.


I can just send you another appointment and will do so. We haven't seen you for a year so we had better see just what we are dealing with and then we can arrange treatment. JB

Appointment in post - JB

emma andrews

The appointment has arrived and is only a few weeks away - thank you so much.
Kind regards,
Emma Andrews

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