Increasing Pain and Numbness

I have been advised by my GP to contact you with regards to the increasing pain in my left wrist and pins and needles / numbness in both hands at night. I have completed a new severity score.

At my last visit nearly a year ago I was advised that, that would probably be my last course of injections. Just to let you know that unfortunately these only gave light relief for a short period of time. My main complaint over these past few years has been numbness and pins and needles at night in both wrists. However, I now have a painful left wrist and am finding writing, undoing jars etc a problem and sometimes impossible. Whilst the night time symptoms in both hands have become worse.

Thank you


It's quite a while since that last set of injections in 2015. There is obviously an issue as to whether the problem is simply CTS or whether there is a second diagnosis. We have never seen evidence of any more than very mild CTS on testing so I need to give that a bit of thought and I need to see you to do that I think. We'll arrange an appointment. JB


I had some injections in May 2016. I have two dates in my diary, one being the 11th May and the other the 25th May. At a guess I took the latter appointment. This was for both wrists. I never had a follow up email like I have had in the past ? I look forward to receiving my appointment date.

Many thanks


I have booked you a new appointment for early May. I will send out a letter today to confirm details. EK

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